Our Story

I have always loved jewelry and accessories. My first job at age 15 was at Claire’s Boutique and I loved seeing how much jewelry allowed people to express themselves.”

JGM Jewelers was founded by Melanie Oates, a single mom to a set of disabled twins. JGM stands for Julius, Genell, Melanie. Julius is autistic and Genell has a rare genetic disorder that leaves her severely developmentally delayed. With Melanie's love for jewelry and her passion to advocate for disabilities, she wanted a way to bring her two passions together.

“I wanted to show other Moms and Dads that raising a child with a disability does not mean your life is over.”

Melanie prides herself for ensuring she paves the way and sets an example for other families raising children with disabilities to show them it is possible to be your own boss while making an impact in the community. JGM Jewelers also gives back a portion of all sales to a nonprofit organization that provides educational and financial support to persons living with a chronic illness and disabilities.